If I need a component of custom design but the volumes are very small (say) only 1,000 pieces, do I still need to invest in a mold?

You don’t need to invest in the expensive molds. We specialize in making single- cavity molds for small volume production runs.

Are your single cavity (prototype) molds made of Aluminum?

No, our single cavity molds are made of pre-hardened steel.

How many parts can be produced from prototype molds?

Unlike the conventional prototype molds that are made of Aluminum and can produce only a few hundred parts, our prototype molds can produce up to 50,000 parts!

Do you have a clean room assembly?

Yes, we have a clean room assembly area and maintain class 100,000.

What kind of Finished Medical Devices do you manufacture?

We do not manufacture finished goods but only supply non-sterilized plastic components in bulk.

What is the lead-time for standard components?

Although it depends on the required quantity but most of the items can be shipped on two days notice for volumes less than 10,000 pcs

Can you give a price idea/lead-time for tubing connector to join tubes of 3.0/ 8.0mm outer diameters? (if the )Required volume 1,000 pcs in PC and the connector must have my company logo embossed on it.

The lead time would be two weeks and it will cost approximately $ 3,000 (inclusive of mold cost and parts cost).

Can you also make custom kits?

Yes, we can do assembly and welding of your parts in our clean room. Many of our overseas customers get their
sub-assemblies done from us in order to save time and cost. You can view some of the custom kits at this link. Custom Kits 

What other secondary operations do you offer?

Besides injection and blow molding of plastic components, we offer post-molding operations
such as:

• Ultra sonic welding
• Electronic Leak testing of assembled components
• Determine cracking and holding pressures of check valves
• Micro drilling, camera assisted
• UV gluing