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Product Categories

For individual products refer Product Library

Products and Services

  • Standard Components

    MedMolds offers a wide spectrum of standard plastic components that are used in the making of medical devices. For a complete list and technical description of standard components that we can readily supply, please browse our product library. Read More...
  • Custom Components

    Custom designed parts need custom tooling and if the volumes are small it becomes difficult to justify the costs associated with new tooling.

    At MedMolds, we specialize in making low-cost tooling for custom design components, especially when production volumes are small.
  • Clean Room Assembly

    We offer post molding assembly operation in class 100,000 clean rooms.

    Our post molding services include

    • UV assembly of custom kits
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Electronic leak testing
    • Tip forming
    • Micro drilling


MedMolds will be happy to send you a Goody Bag for review.


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